A Crypto scam called Miracle Tele!

Updated: May 13, 2020

I had spent a lot of time on this web site and they even had a very polished finished product as their website. They seemed to have a very good staking mechanism where you would stake your TELE tokens and you would get paid out every 15 days or so. It all seemed too good to be true at that point and it ended up being too good to be true. The website is down now and there is no response on any of their social media sites for any inquiries.

Luckily I didn’t spend any money on this site. I received an “airdrop” from them when they launched and I kept staking that airdrop token and I was surprised that I grew my holdings as much as I did.

Generally the scam sites are easy to identify as they either don’t have too much of a web presence or their sites are badly designed and the job is not well done but these guys were different. Surprisingly they even had 2FA for their logins which is quite strange for a scammer.

This is the website I used to login to which doesn't bring up anything anymore!


They have a Facebook page which had almost 60k likes! It's hard to imagine someone duped the public in such a grand scale although in the crypto world, we have seen examples like that before with BitConnect etc.


They have almost 40k followers on their Twitter as well


And of course their reddit page is full of complaints which were not addressed


They had a support email as well, support@miracletele.com where I sent numerous emails for which I never received a response which should have been a HUGE red flag in the first place.

All in all, for this project, this is what I would rate them. Should mostly be no surprises but we give them some credit for fooling almost a 100,000 people (their total social platform followers) and in the very very slim chance that they would actually turn out to not be a scam and somehow come out of the grave, the score is greater than 0.

Nobody's Score: 0.23/5

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