All the ways you can earn crypto by blogging!

Updated: May 31

I have personally been on blogging platforms right since LiveJournal existed and have tried out most of the blogging platforms that have ever been out there so I have a lot of personal interest for blogging and writing great content (although me writing great content is pretty debatable). In any case, I have lately been very excited about some of these platforms where you can possibly earn some cryptocurrency for blogging! Hope you find this useful!

1. Publish0x


This used to be my second favorite one but slowly but surely this raced past to the top of my list. rewards both bloggers and people who comment on the posts which may be a double edged sword but as of today, the platform works fairly well and has managed to keep the spammers in control. The rewards are based on a points system where you accumulate points for your activities and there is a pool from which you are rewarded based on the points you have earned.

3. Sapien

4. Cent

5. Uptrennd?

6. Lbry?

7. Steemit

8. Hive

9. Minds

10. Peakd


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