Coin App review and earnings (during quarantine)

Before we begin, some basic introductions on what these are:

What is the Coin App?

Coin allows you to gather COIN everywhere you go with your smart phone while enjoying in app mini games and interactions with other geo miners.

How does it use the XYO Network?

The COIN App uses XYO's current fingerprinting technology to prove that a user was in a location they claim to be. It helps avoid location spoofing in the app, and protects COIN from bad users who wish to fake their location to earn more digital assets than they should be earning.

What is Geomining with the Coin App?

If you're using the "COIN" App, geomining is the act of excavating valuable digital items or assets from a real, physical space. COIN is one of the first apps that allows you to travel in the physical world, and collect digital assets that can be transferred, withdrawn, and stored in external wallets.

Now that we're clear on what all of those mean, let's get down to business!

So I just received my SentinelX a couple of days back and I was really excited to try it out. I used it normally like I would use it every day without getting too excited about it and I wanted to share my earnings. But first, the unboxing!

So there is a promotion going on right now where the team is not charging for the SentinelX device but you just need to pay for shipping BUT shipping is $12.99. Having shipped a lot of packages and looking at how much time it look for me to receive the SentinelX device, I can safely conclude that this is just a marketing gimmick. I would think shipping for such a lightweight device would cost $5 tops. But anyways, at least they're not taking $50 for this.

If you're looking for how much time it would take for you to pay off the device, even the $13, per my calculations, it would take me at least 6-8 months at the current rate. So it's really not worth it!

The Pros:

  • Their Facebook group is pretty active and their Facebook moderator actually replies to all the questions posted by the users. Very big plus this according to me.

  • Their Reddit is pretty active as well. Haven't seen too many very negative posts on their Reddit except the ones which complain about earnings.

  • Lot of freebies in the app if you have it constantly open. So addiction to this app helps in earning more for sure!

The Cons:

  • Very low earnings even with the SentinelX. I imagined after buying the SentinelX, I would get at least about 1000 tokens every day if i'm active on the app but even if i'm active i'm only making 100 a day. Maybe that will change but i'll wait and watch.

  • Need to keep the app open at all times. I don't see why the users need to do this especially when you can let the app use the location data even when it's not active. Huge bummer this.

  • Huge battery hog! Part of this is obvious. Anything that uses location data constantly will end up being a battery hog and this app is no different. To even make semi decent earnings from this app, be prepared for this to be a battery hog.

Nobody's Rating: 2.4/5

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