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Updated: May 13, 2020

Here is a small little video showing how the Uptrennd currently looks and works.

I like the fact that there is a low barrier to entry with Uptrennd where people can get started right away and can even be noticed when they first join the platform unlike Steem or Hive where it takes much longer for people to get noticed. Also, I believe every user no matter what level they're at (Level 1 or Level 20) gets the same limit on how much they can post/upvote/downvote in a day unlike Hive or Steemit which is a big boost to new users.

The only problem though is that there are too many comment spammers now in the community and moderating them is a nightmare. See this thread for instance

And yes, it really did come down to this. It's a tough problem for the founder, Jeff Kirdeikis and i'm going to be watching very closely to see how Uptrennd solves this problem because if they find a reasonably good way to tackle this then i'm surely going to HODL on the 1UP tokens that I own.

Nobody's Score: 4/5

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