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Updated: Apr 12, 2020

Pepo is where the crypto community comes together, with short video updates and tokens of appreciation.

In our experience, we feel that the Pepo app has one of the best UX for any crypto app out there. The app is very similar in how TilTok is but is currently mainly focused on the crypto community.

It is incredibly easy to get an account with Pepo. The only thing I don’t like about the signup is that you can only sign up with Twitter‘s OAuth mechanism, which means you will need to first have a twitter account to get onto Pepo and second that you have to give Twitter access to this 3rd party app. But since the OAuth mechanism itself is very secure, you shouldn’t worry about the security aspect of it. I would personally like to just create accounts with my email id and a different password using some kind of a password manager.

The Pepo app removes a lot of complexity out of maintaining and saving mnemonics and seed phrases. In fact I have been using the app for over a month now and I have not had to write it down or enter it anywhere.

The community is super friendly and supportive. There‘s a lot of great content if you want to be in the know-how about the crypto world.

You can join here.

Micro Payments

Pepo has a great way of doing micro payments. Once you sign up, you are given about 500 Pepo coins. These coins are pegged to the OST token. You can get enough tokens to purchase Unicorns which are pegged to the dollar.

So basically every user has a bunch of tokens accumulated and they can decide to tip you a certain number of Pepo tokens from their own stash. This is one of the major differentiating factors which makes Pepo very different from other crypto social earning platforms like Uptrennd or Publish0x for that matter. In both these sites, rewards don't come out of your pocket but instead from a larger pool so this is the reason why people on Pepo are generally hesitant to tip others as much as the other platforms. In fact, a large number of tips I have seen come through are from the Pepo team themselves who are on the app and not from the general users otherwise.

Both of these tipping mechanisms have their own advantages and disadvantages. For instance in Publish0x, there is a limit to the amount of tips that you give out during a 24 hours period as just a reader but in apps like Pepo, since you are using your own tokens, no such limit is enforced. On the other hand though, when tipping in platforms like Publish0x, you don't use up any of your own funds while tipping.

I'm going to write another detailed article on Publish0x at a later time and i'll link it here. but let's go back to the Pepo for the time being.

The above image is a sample video that I had posted about my Ethereum mining rig. The 12 on the right indicates that I had received a total of 12 Pepo tokens as a tip for my video, the number 2 on the bottom indicates that there were 2 video replies for my video (yes, there are video replies available!). The 42 Supporters in the bottom right indicates that 42 people had tipped my videos (not just this one but all my videos) so far. The tip can be as small as one Pepo token but what that enables is that once you tip someone, you start following them. So anytime the people you follow post a video, you get notified. I have seen that it's very common for people to just tip one Pepo token so that they can follow that specific person's video content.

All in all, I absolutely love using Pepo! I just don't have enough time to post valuable content there and I do make it a point to only post quality content and not upload videos for the heck of it. You should definitely check it out! If you do plan to sign up, you can use my link to get some tokens for yourself to get started here

Let me know in the comments below what your experience has been with it and here is my rating for Pepo below:

Nobody's Score: 4.5/5

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