List of YouTubers that were banned temporarily

Around Christmas time, a bunch of YouTubers who mostly create and promote only positive and informational Crypto content were either suddenly banned or had a bunch of their videos taken down. Some of these people's livelihood depended on their YouTube channels and having their videos taken down or receiving strikes for no apparent violation of YouTube's ToS seemed really unfair to people like me.

I had been searching for this list for a while and finally found it on the famous Crypto YouTuber Omar Bham's YT channel and Twitter.

I thought this is a great list to compile and share with the world. If you are into crypto and don't know who to follow to get the latest and best news, here is the list.

List of Channels that were affected:

Chris Dunn TV

Chico Crypto


Chris Coney (The CryptoVerse)

Altcoin Daily

Bitcoin and Coffee

Experience Crypto 24/7

Node Investor


Crypto Rich




Rice Crypto

Joey Rocket Cryptos

The Modern Investor


Nugget’s News

That Martini Guy

Crypto Daily


Alessio Rastani




Bitcoin Ben



Crypto Tone

The Right Trader

Cursed Mining

Bitcoin For Beginners

Crypto Flower




Kripto Teknik


It seems that after a couple of days, the videos either came back or the strikes have been removed but it is scary to think that some people's livelihoods could be affected by random bans like these.

So, what are the lessons learned from this?

To give YouTube the benefit of doubt, this may have been an honest mistake on their part but to avoid things like this, it's always best to look into and adopt other decentralized video platforms like Lbry, BitTubers/BitTubeApp, so that things like these will not happen again. There is always the risk of up and coming platforms like these going out of business but at least you can be sure that they will not try to censor you and subject you to some random algorithm that you don't have any visibility over. On the flipside, if decentralized platforms win, we will win big time over the long term.

Hope this acts as a wake up call for all the creators to consider platforms outside of the traditional centralized platforms and we shall see how this story plays out over the course of the next few days/weeks.

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