Nest.js - An Introduction!

I just came across this amazing framework which is built on top of express.js called nest.js. I was very impressed with it so I wanted to write about it and let you guys know my thoughts. I hope that you guys will find it useful!

If you are an Angular developer and are looking to build an API for you application, look no further than nest.js. The way the framework is built and the code looks, you will not be able to differentiate between Angular and nest.js code. There are so many similarities between both that if you remove the template files out of your Angular project, you will not be able to make out looking at the code if your project is a UI or a server side project!

I believe that nest.js with Angular can really give a whole new meaning to the term Full Stack Developer which has been pretty badly abused in the software industry nowadays. Especially if you're a Java or a .NET full stack developer, companies expect you to be an expert at both stacks which although is not impossible, it is highly unlikely to find such a person who has just worked in the industry for 5 years or less!

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