The Curious case of the KickToken (KICK) ICO

A lot of airdrop users have reported that they have received a huge airdrop from KickToken. The team at KickToken is reported to have sent out 888,888 tokens to a random set of 167,375 Ethereum wallets which at the time of writing has amounted to a total of about $480 USD!

As of the time of writing this article, the price of the KICK token is said to be about $0.0005 USD.

That is a huge amount but upon further research, it seems like they're calling it a "frozen drop" which means that the users will not be able to withdraw any tokens just yet. The only popular exchange that seems to have listed it is KuCoin.

Also, the tokens were airdropped to a certain set of active Ethereum wallets which means, unlike a regular airdrop, the users didn't have to register for the tokens but random users just got the tokens because their wallets were active and if they held a certain set of popular tokens!

We don't know if the KickToken team is trying to divert people to sign up for their exchanges in order to get users personal information via KYC etc but at the moment this airdrop looks a little sketchy!

I wanted to let the community hear know in advance so you don't fall for any possible scams if this turns out to be one. If it's not then well and good but hope this doesn't turn out to be a scam! We will be providing updates in this space as and when I have them! We hope you stay safe in the crypto wild west!

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