Twetch - A very cool and monetized Twitter variant

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

I honestly don't know much about the politics of the BSV coin and it's creator Craig Wright. I think he claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto but almost the whole world tends to think otherwise but keeping that part aside, I am truly amazed by the apps that are built on top of the BSV ecosystem and Twetch is on top of that list!

Twetch is a Twitter look alike in all the ways that you can imagine but better. It costs to do any operation on the platform which I believe can greatly limit the abuse on social media platforms. People will have to think twice before posting anything not just for the sake of the ethical aspect but also the monetary aspect. There is a cost for every single operation, whether whether it it making a post, uploading an image, liking a post, branching a post or even following someone. The cost of posting is 2 cents as of today May 31, 2020. If you would like to get some money to get started on the platform, you will need a referral link or just ask someone from the team for some to get started. I was given 50 cents by the time which got me to start posting after which I earned a few more to keep me going.

Here is a snapshot of how the application looks like from my account when logged in.

Twetch has some really cool features which really stand out and are worth mentioning. There are many more i'm sure which I am not aware of or I would rather you experience it yourself but i'll mention two of my favorites here.

Branching Twetches

So in a normal scenario you post something and people appreciate what you wrote and you will get some likes and comments to further the discussion. That's your normal flow of social media engagement but in Twetch, in addition to all those, you can branch a post, meaning you can mention your opinion which may be different from the original and branch it in a different direction than how the conversation flow was originally intended to be. I personally think this is a really cool feature because in a lot of cases, it may not be the original poster that has either the right or the most popular opinion. I haven't cared enough about how the monetization works here but when I do, i'll update the post with those details at a later time.

Troll Toll

I am not sure what the It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia reference here is or if there is anything in the first place but Twetch has this really cool feature called troll toll where instead of blocking trolls completely, you can set a price for the troll to interact with you. Here is a Tweet from the official Twetch account

All in all, I really like Twetch and what it has to offer. I really think this is one of those hidden gems in the crypto space which will start to explode organically once people start discovering it. The only reason i'm giving this a 4 is because I believe there are more features yet to be built into this and I would personally like to see more possible ways for users to earn BSV either from a faucet or other sources if they ever go to zero! Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Nobody's Score: 4/5

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