We take our visitors privacy very seriously and would never recommend something that would affect them digitally but having said that, the products that we review and try out are still in the very nascent stages and we don’t know the founders or the teams for these projects personally unless we explicitly mention that we do. Having said that, we recommend that if you try out the stuff that we either review or recommend, we ask you to keep an eye out of the following 


  1. Never ever share the passwords or mnemonics of any of your other accounts with these services. 

  2. Always make sure to check if the website is served over https. It’s 2020 and this is kind of a minimum requirement. 

  3. If you end up creating accounts on any of these websites, make sure to never use the same password that you have used with other critical applications like your email provider or your bank. Use a different password for these sites. We would personally recommend using at least a free version of a password manager like 1Password or LastPass.